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Get new customers in Czech republic. Now.

10 million Czech customers are waiting for you for you.


Start to advertise with Sklik and become visible at the fulltext search on which is "Czech Google"

Did u know? 30% of people in Czech do not search on Google, but search on

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I'll set up your ad quickly and professionally

Hit only those users you want to hit

Have full control over your investments

Have full control over your investments

Pay only for the customers

Your ads will be displayed absolutely for FREE. You only pay for ad if the user gets on your webpage. It's the same system you know from Google Ads.  How much you want to spent? How much you want to invest daily? Depends just on you.

Where the customers will see you?

At the fulltext search on

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At the most popular Czech websites,, Prož,, Seznam Zprávy, etc. Reach over 95 % of the Czech internet users

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RETARGETING - At the most popular Czech websites

97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying anything, and then they’re lost forever. Unless you can bring them back with Sklik retargeting

You know exactly thanks to our statistics

With Sklik you always know

  • how many people clicked on your ads

  • how many people made a registration

  • how many people bought your product

  • you know ad position, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and many other useful metrics


You can easily evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of your campaigns. Everything is measurable thanks to the conversion code.

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Get new customers today!

I am Sklik professional certified from I'll help you set up and manage your Sklik account clicks.

Your return on investment will get better and better every month!

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